21 Days
April 2021
Motorbike tour China - Heritage Trail

Journey through history towards Xian

If you like your rides peppered with fascinating cultures and ancient relics, you’ll love this journey towards the historic city of Xian. Travelling through Laos and across some of China’s most breathtaking roads, we’ll encounter World Heritage Sites, ancient cities and spectacular landscapes on this 21-day journey.

The route encompasses unforgettable mountain passes and empty highways, but you’ll also have the chance to learn more about the region’s age-old culture and history, as well as try some of the regional cuisine that this area is famous for.


Terraced rice fields in Yuan Yang County, China motorbike tours
Terracotta Warriors - Xian motorcycle tours
Panxhihua vista - motorcycle tour of China

The details

Start Point: Chiang Khong, Thailand
End Point: Xian, China
Dates April 03 – April 24, 2021
Duration 21 Days – 3,760 kms
Roads: Tarmac/construction/damaged/dirt local roads
Region: Thailand/Laos/China
Motorcycle: Honda CBX500, F700GS, F800GS or F1200GS
Prasit - BMW Motorrad tour guide Asia


“I’m passionate about local culture and cuisine, so this ride is one of my favourites. I look forward to helping you find out more about this fascinating region, away from the well-trodden guidebook routes.”

14 Day Motorcycle Tour Itinerary:


3 April - Bangkok - Chiang Kong

Day 1: Arrival day clients arrive in BKK flight connecting flight to Chiang Rai and van transfer to Chiang Khong, check in and welcome dinner.

4 April. Chiang Khong to Luang Namtha - 189 kms

Day 2:  Border crossing day. Crossing borders to Laos today. Roads are beautiful mountain road to Luang Namtha an overnight stop in Luang Namtha. (Google Map)

5 April. Luang Namtha - Mengla - 48 kms

Day 3: Early start from Luang Namtha, today we are crossing another border into China. A short ride to the border, exiting Lao will take about an hour and entering into China is about 2 hours. After we continue directly to Mengla, first stop at Department of Health and Department of Motor Vehicles for inpection & temporary licenses before checking into our hotel. (Google Map)

6 April. Mengla - Jiangcheng - 227 kms

Day 4: Early start on the first day in China. Today we are heading north on G213 to a small town call Jiangcheng. We are riding on the national road passing many small villages. (Google Map)

7 April. Jiangcheng - Yuan Yang - 253 kms

Day 5: After breakfast we depart to Lincang continue on G214. With beautiful mountain scenery road many twists and bends until our destination. (Google Map)

8 April. Yuan Yang. 73 kms

Day 6: A free day in Yuan Yang. Today we will take a ride around the Cultural Landscape of Honghe Hani Rice Terraces and this place is one of the UNESCO World Heritage Site. Very interesting places to see. (Google Map)

9 April. Yuan Yang - Yuxi - 240 kms

Day 7: Continuing on National Highway S214 to Yuxi. Another medium size town located 90km south of Kunming. This town is part of the Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau. (Google Map)

10 April. Yuxi - Chuxiong - 256 kms

Day 8: Another beautiful riding day, today we are continuing to Chuxiong, tonight we will be staying the night in the Yiren Ancient Town. (Google Map)

11 April. Chuxiong - Dali - 245 kms

Day 9: Early start from Chuxiong continuing on the National Highway G320 to Dali, a beautiful old city located along the Erhai Lake. (Google Map)

12 April. Dali - Lijiang - 160 kms

Day 10: Today we depart to Lijiang we stop and visit Chongsheng Three Pagodas Temple before exit the Dali City. We riding along Erhai Lake on our right before climb up the pass on S221. (Google Map)

13 April. Lijiang - 0 kms

Day 11: Join us on Lijiang city tour or relax at your own pace around ancient tour. For city tour around Lijiang we visit Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, Lijiang Impression show, Black Dragon Pool. (Google Map)

14 April. Lijiang - Lugu Lake - 201 kms

Day 12: An early start from our hotel, today we continue north on S991/S307 to Lugu Lake. Lugu Lake is a natural lake in the Hengduan Mountain System, and has a horseshoe shape. (Google Map)

15 April. Lugu Lake - Xichang - 273 kms

Day 13: Today we are continuing west to Xichang, home of the Xichang satellite launch center. (Google Map)

16 April. Xichang - Ya'an - 382 kms

Day 14: Today we are continuing north on National Highway G108 to Ya’an, located in the western part of Sichuan province. (Google Map)

17 April. Ya'an - Chengdu - 269 kms

Day 15: Today we are departing to Chengdu, home of the Chinese Pandas. Along the way we will pass Leshan take a boat ride to see the Giant Buddha Statue. (Google Map)

18 April. Chengdu - 0 kms

Day 16: Today we will spend half day at the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda, in the afternoon you are free at your own leisure.

19 April. Chengdu - Zitong - 211 kms

Day 17: An early start from Chengdu, morning rush hour exiting the city, today we continuing to Zitong, a small city located in the northeast of Sichuan Province. (Google Map)

20 April. Zitong - Hanzhong - 369 kms

Day 18: Continuing on National Highway G108 to Hanzhong croosing into Shannxi Province, an early start from our hotel. Today’s route will be scenic. (Google Map)

21 April. Hanzhong - Xian - 364 kms

Day 19: Today is the last riding day as we are continuing to Xi’an, a capital city of Shaanxi Province and the home of the Terracotta Warrior. (Google Map)

22 April. Xian - 0 kms

Day 20: Today we will spend half day at the Emperor Qinshihuang’s Mausoleum Site “Terracotta army”. In the afternoon we will let you free to visit the Xi’an town, Bell Tower, bike around the Xi’an city wall.

23 April. Xian - 0 kms

Day 21: Departure day clients are free until your flight time. Shuttle bus will take you to the Airport.

The Heritage Route

The tour has a several costing variables, these include;

  • Choice of motorcycles: in ascending order of cost – Honda CBX500, R1100R, F700GS, F800GS, F1200 GS.
  • Bringing your own Motorcycle? If you have a bike in Asia, or want to ship yours in, we can make that work for you.
  • Pillion Passenger: riding with a companion is no problem.
  • Accommodation: our rates are based on two people sharing a room. Single occupancy is available, with a supplement of €1,130pp.

The base rate for one person, riding one of our Honda CBX500’s, sharing a twin room, and with no pillion rider is: €7,050

Base Price:5,750€6,150€6,150€6,150€6,150€
Bike Cost-900€1,980€2,160€2,700€

Outline of route from Chiang Khong to Xi’an: click image to see full size

We welcome your enquiry about our China Motorcycle Tours

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