BMW Asia motorcycle tours

We’re BMW Motorrad certified.

We were the first tour company in Asia to gain BMW Motorrad International Tour Guide Status in 2015, making us the obvious choice for BMW riders looking to explore the region. Founder Prasit Aphiphunya has worked as a guide for international motorcycle touring companies for many years and has been riding these bikes for more than 20 – once crossing three continents to reach Germany’s BMW Motorrad Days Festival from Bangkok in his role as a GS ambassador.

Border crossing with RideAsia

Every trip is led by Prasit.

You won’t find a better person to explore with. Born in Thailand, but educated in China and the USA, Prasit is also the only Thai guide to be Motorrad-certified (as well as being uniquely placed to navigate the complexities of visas and border crossings in the region). Passionate about Asia’s history, geography and cuisine, he’ll guide you towards an authentic experience of your chosen destination, sharing culinary and cultural secrets you won’t find elsewhere.

Asian motorbike tours

You talk,
we listen.

Unlike other bike tour companies, we offer the freedom and flexibility to do things your own way. “Ride Asia trips are all about team work and coming together. We focus on your passions and goals for your adventure, sharing some of Asia’s best secrets along the way,” says Prasit. Uniquely, we’ll also fly you back to your tour starting point from your end point,meaning you won’t have to make the tedious loop that many other tours include and can cover more ground and see more of the region.

Touring Asia by motorbike

It’s cheaper to book
direct with us.

Because we run our own tours rather than employing a third party, we can make our prices competitive without sacrificing comfort or excitement.Want to know more about our pricing? Please get in touch.

Don’t take our word for it...

“My first road trip to Asia was an extraordinary moment. The choice
of roads (turns galore … beautiful off-roading). Very nice stays
(hotels of very good qualities and atypical). We lived for 15 days in
the heart of Thailand. The kindness of Prasit, the kindness of the
Thais, my stay an exceptional stay. I just want to start over!”