21 Days
June 2021

Experience the freedom of the Himalayas

Open skies, atmospheric monasteries, Everest views and empty mountain roads – no motorbike journey is as spiritually transporting as this one from northern Thailand all the way to Lhasa, Tibet’s sacred capital. Gear up for challenging routes, fantastic local meals and off-the-beaten track discovery along the way, as you ride though Yunnan province and into the mist-trimmed mountains of the Himalayas.

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The details

Start Point: Chiang Rai, Thailand
End Point: Lhasa, China
Dates May 15 – June 5, 2021 – OR June 19 – July 10 2021
Duration 21 Days – 4,805 kms
Roads: Tarmac/Dirt/Damaged/Construction
Region: Thailand/Laos/China
Motorcycle: Honda CBX500, R110R, F700GS, F800GS or F1200GS
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“China’s National Highway 318 is nicknamed ‘heavenly road’ with good reason. You’ll never forget the open skies, snowy peaks and peaceful lakes of this ride!”




3 April - Bangkok - Chiang Kong

Day 1: Arrival day: Clients will make their connecting flight from Bangkok to Chiang Rai, for the van transfer to our hotel. After check-in, enjoy a welcome dinner.

4 April. Chiang Khong to Luang Namtha - 189 kms

Day 2: We’ll head into Laos today, taking the picturesque mountain road to Luang Namtha, a town surrounded by lush forest where you’ll spend the night. (Google Map)

5 April. Luang Namtha - Mengla - 48 kms

Day 3: It’s an early start today, as we cross our second border into China. After navigating the border crossing, we’ll continue onwards to Mengla, where we’ll stop at the Department of Health and Department of Motor Vehicles for our inspection and temporary licenses, before checking into our hotel. (Google Map)

6 April. Mengla - Lancang - 329 kms

Day 4: First stop: the Chinese land transport department, where we’ll have a vehicle check and get our temporary Chinese licences. Then it’s time to hit the road, making for the atmospheric region of Lancang. (Google Map)

7 April. Lancang - Lincang - 246 kms

Day 5: Today, we’ll tackle the twists and bends of the G214, a highway that’s pure motorbike heaven with stunning mountain scenery. Overnight in Lincang City. (Google Map)

8 April. Lincang - Dali. 305 kms

Day 6: Continuing on the G214, we’ll cross the mighty Lancang River (Mekong). (Google Map)

9 April. Dali - Lijiang - 159 kms

Day 7: Before leaving Dali, there’s time to visit the Three Pagoda Temple, which dates back more than 1,800 years and has a beautiful setting on the lake. Afterwards, we’ll ride along with the lake on our right, making the most of the view before climbing onto the S221 towards Lijiang. (Google Map)

10 April. Lijiang - 0 kms

Day 8: Relax and enjoy Lijiang at your own pace or join us on a tour exploring the sights. We’ll be visiting the breathtaking Jade Dragon Snow Mountain range, the Lijiang Impressions Show which tells the story of the city, and the calm waters of Black Dragon Pool.

11 April. Lijiang - Shangri La - 273 kms

Day 9: Revived after our rest day, we’ll take a beautiful stretch of mountain pass, following the Jinsha River towards the breathtaking landscapes of Tiger Leaping Gorge and the Gate to Shangri-La. We’ll make the most of the journey with stop-offs at the salt pools of the White Water Terraces and the undulating landscapes of Pudacuo National Park. (Google Map)

12 April. Shangri La - Deqin - 183 kms

Day 10: Bound for the incredible views of Shangri La from Feilai Temple, we continue along the G214 on a day packed with incredible sights: the Thirteen Pagodas viewpoint, the 429M monument and the Great Bend of Jinsha River. (Google Map)

13 April. Deqin - Markam - 209 kms

Day 11: Leaving Meili Snow mountain, we’ll cross into Tibetan territory today. Riding National Highway 318, we’ll journey through incredible Himalayan scenery, passing snowy mountains, dense forests and icy rivers. (Google Map)

14 April. Markam - Ranwu Lake - 455 kms

Day 12: An early start from Markam, as we journey through more fantastic landscapes along the region’s remarkable mountain passes. (Google Map)

15 April. Ranwu Lake - Nyingchi - 351 kms

Day 13: Days like this are what motorbikes were made for: staying on the G318 (nicknamed the ‘heavenly road’), we’ll make the long journey to Nyinchi, following the flow of the spectacular Parlung Zangbo River. (Google Map)

16 April. Nyingchi - Tsedang - 453 kms

Day 14: Rise early for the trip along local road the S306, following another one of the region’s mighty rivers, the Yarlung Tsangpo (the highest major river in the world). We’ll stop for lunch in Nanchen, before continuing our journey towards the city of Tsedang. (Google Map)

17 April. Tsedang - Shigatse - 403 kms

Day 15: Get ready for more unbelievable landscapes, on a ride passing the jade waters of Yamdrok Lake. Tackling breathtaking mountain passes, we’ll stop to admire the view along the way, taking in the lake,  the Kharola Glacier, the prayer flag-hemmed Manla Reservoir and the sacred Palcho Monastery. (Google Map)

18 April. Shigatse - Ba Song Cun - 334 kms

Day 16: We’re riding through Qomolangma Biological Park today, home to Mount Everest and four of the six highest mountains in the world. We’ll soak up the atmosphere with a stop at Rongbuk Monastery, near the base of Everest, before continuing our journey onward. (Google Map)

19 April. Ba Song Cun - Shigatse - 249 kms

Day 17: With views this awesome, you need plenty of time to take them in. Today, we’ll trace our route back to Shigatse, admiring the landscape from a different perspective. (Google Map)

20 April. Shigatse - Gongtang - 386 kms

Day 18: More wide skies and empty landscapes today, as we head towards tranquil Nam Tso Lake, stopping off at the geothermal springs of Yanbajing en route. (Google Map)

21 April. Gongtang - Lhasa - 223 kms

Day 19: On our last riding day, we’re making for Lhasa on the X105 to Damxung, covering more beautiful countryside before swapping onto the G109 / S202 towards Gandanquguocun, and finally Lhasa, capital of Tibet. (Google Map)

22 April. Lhasa - 0 kms

Day 20: A day spent exploring beguiling Lhasa. We’ll take in its sites, including the fortress of Potala Palace, Jokhang and Sera monasteries, and the busy shopping street of Barkhor Street. Alternatively, take the day to relax and sightsee at your own pace.

23 April. Lhasa - 0 kms

Day 21: Free day. Take a day to soak up the atmosphere of this unique city.

24 April. Lhasa - 0 kms

Day 22: Relax until departure. A shuttle bus will take you to the airport.
Departure / Return location: Lhasa International Airport
Departure time: Please arrive at least 2 hours before the flight.

The Roof Of The World

This tour has several variables that affect its cost, including;

  • Choice of motorcycles: in ascending order of cost – Honda CBX500, R1100R, F700GS, F800GS, F1200 GS.
  • Bringing your own Motorcycle? If you have a bike in Asia, or want to ship yours in, we can make that work for you.
  • Pillion Passenger: riding with a companion is no problem.
  • Accommodation: our rates are based on two people sharing a room. Single occupancy is available, with a supplement of €1,130pp.

The base rate for one person, riding one of our Honda CBX500’s, sharing a twin room, and with no pillion rider is: €7,050

Chiang Rai to Lhasa – 21 days

Base Price:5,750€6,150€6,150€6,150€6,150€
Bike Cost-900€1,980€2,160€2,700€
Tour Program includes:
Overland Permission Services
Rental Vehicles
Vehicle Insurance (3rd Party)
Accommodation & Meals
BMW Certified Tour Guide
Fully equipped BMW Motorcycle
Luggage Vehicle
Tickets & Entry Fees
Tour Program does not include:
Passport or Visas Fees for Thailand/Laos/China
Fuel for your vehicle
Hotels 1st evening in Bangkok for early arrival or last evening in Bangkok for late departure
Snacks, alcohols beverages, refreshments, mini bars and room services
Fines, gratuities, laundry services, SIM card, phone call, fax and internet access fees
Personal medical and travel insurance

Outline of route from Chiang Khong to Lhasa: click image for full size


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